Installed Medusa

Medusa was bolted to her spot outdoors.

Alien Pods on Earth

Been growing pods of all kinds. These are ceramic and metal, attached to a small piece of redwood. Ready to install outdoors.

Celestial Bear

Another outdoor piece fresh from the kiln. This bear is a silhouette, made from ceramic, and glazed with a universe of stars and a nebula.

Medusa Work in Progress

Still attaching snakes and securing them against a windstorm. Left to do at this point is touch up paint in a few spots.

Another Oscar Fav – The Father

Still binging on good films, I checked out the Academy Award winning film for best actor, “The Father,” starring Anthony Hopkins. It does not disappoint. This movie is about an aging man in deteriorating mental health (perhaps dementia, they never … Continue reading

Timeless Vertigo

Hitchcock’s classic mystery thriller, “Vertigo” (1958) was on my list for my binge. I was binging because I was mass producing metal snake bodies by hand for a sculpture. Yes, Medusa. Takes a lot of snakes! My wrists and fingers … Continue reading

Time for Oscar Binge

While doing a mundane and time consuming task I was presented with the opportunity to watch a few movies. I was tired of mediocre media so I started watching some of the Oscar winners. I had to rent or buy … Continue reading

Snake Armature

Took a while to attach the snake heads to the spot in 3D space where they will survey their universe. It was complete trial and error. The armatures or supports were made of anything metal I could attach to the … Continue reading

The Shocking Truth About the 3 Lost X-Files Episodes

You heard that right! When X-Files Season 11 came out in 2018 I bought the DVD set to enjoy whenever. Sometimes these things are difficult to purchase at a later date and may not be streaming. I believed I had … Continue reading

Charming Movie “Maudie”

This charming and award winning film, “Maudie (2016) is based on the true story of artist Maud Lewis. It is set in 1930’s Nova Scotia about a women with severe arthritis, the kind that cripples and deforms a person’s joints. … Continue reading